Pita Pal Foods, LP is devoted to a green and healthy world with a sustainable future.

Our offices and manufacturing plant are run on 100% renewable energy; plus, we mandate that all lights, equipment, and computers be turned off at the end of each day, in effort to reduce our carbon footprint. These everyday practices help us to lower our utility cost and pass the savings on to our customers. We pride ourselves on making environmentally friendly as well as healthy products more affordable than our competitors.

All of our packaging materials are recyclable, which makes it possible for our consumers to reuse the containers, or participate in community recycling programs.

In August of 2007 Pita Pal started a corporate paper recycling program with a neighborhood school which hadn’t instituted any recycling practice. Now each classroom collects all paper products that would otherwise be thrown out, and they deliver them to our recycle bin at the end of each week. Since we also have a huge amount of weekly recycling, the numbers really start to add up. All money earned goes directly back to the school.

Pita Pal’s “Green Regime” helps all our vendors meet their sustainability goals for the future. It’s everyone’s responsibility!

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